1952Furutaka Musen Co., Ltd. was founded.

1960Separated trading division from Furutaka Musen Co., Ltd.,
and established Furutaka Electronic Mfg Co., Ltd. with capital of 5 million yen.

1963Changed registered company name
from Furutaka Electronic Mfg Co., Ltd. to Furutaka Electronics Co., Ltd.

1970SMK Corporation and TEIKOKU TSUSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD.,
acquired equity stake in our company.

1972Capital increased to 20 million yen.

1976Established Matsumoto Branch,
Capital increased to 50 million yen.

1978Capital increased to 107 million yen.

1979Established Nasu Branch.

1980Capital increased to 133 million yen.

1985Capital increased to 150 million yen.

1989New Distribution Center was constructed and opened.

1991Established Sendai Branch.

1995Established affiliated company in Singapore.

1997Kinseki Ltd. (currently the KYOCERA CORPORATION)
acquired equity stake in our company.

1999Established affiliated company in Hong Kong.

2003Established Parts Center in order to launch online business.

2005Established Osaka Branch.
ISO14001 Qualification approved in 2004.

2006Established affiliated company in Shanghai.
Established joint venture in Thailand.

2008Established Shenzhen Rep. Office in China

2010Established Nagoya Branch.
Capital increased to 350 million yen.
Established Toyama Branch.
Certificate of Sony Green Partner was acquired.

2012Established Nagano Group's office.

2013Established Wuxi Sales Office in China.

2014Established Taiwan Branch.
Established Indonesia Satellite Office.

2018Established Dalian Sales Office in Chaina.

2022Capital decreased to 100 million yen.