One stop solution service of Furutaka Electronics Co., Ltd.

Based on the experience of half-century as an electronic trading company, we provide one-stop solution
for users of electronic components worldwide through our global network.

Extended Interational
over Asian Countries.

  • Extensive Network in Asian countriey.
  • Propose Local Purchase and Alternative Value Added Offering. Also contribute Delivery,
    Inventory Control and logistics for efficiency.
  • Provide a Variety of Highly Reliable Electronic Components at Reasonable Price.


We are able to provide our customers with high value-added solutions and services in total production,
starting from detailed proposals for combined components through the global purchase network of Furutaka group and group-based cooperation,
to product designing, prototyping, and kitting finished goods such as board and semi-finished products assembly.

  • Provide full range manufacturing technology organizing cooperative companies from proposal of design and new technology to mass production as well as trial production.
  • Total procurement of electronics components, circuit board, metal, press andplastic parts for each process of design development, trial and mass production.
  • Productions are available both in domestic market and ASEAN counties (China, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and etc.)

The Furutaka Parts Online

The Furutaka Parts Online is our company's Internet sales base for electronic components.
This site allows users to find quickly the products they need, when they need them,
from our high-quality line-up and functional site design. This is a gselect shoph which is trusted by engineers,
and superior service is our motto. The site doesn't simply stimulate consumption;
it's stance is to promote the correct purchase by customers of good electronic components which are truly necessary,
and it is a model for electronic component shopping sites.