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@We regard the preservation of natural environment as a necessity. The natural environment gave birth to life and nurtured it, and people used fire to create civilization.

@While developing our civilization, we must consider the natural environment so that we can continue to live healthy lives in the global environment. Furutaka Electronics Co., Ltd. contributes to the society@by supplying electronic components, however as a corporate citizen in our massive-scale industrial society, we are aware of global efforts to protect the environment, and in all our business activities, all of our divisions are working toward continuous improvement, keeping the following points in mind:
1. We shall abide by all relevant laws and regulations, and any other requirements to which our company has agreed.
2. We shall develop an environmental management system, establish feasible environmental goals and targets, and work to implement them through an implementation plan.
3. We shall work to conserve resources and energy, and reduce waste.
4. We shall propose sales ideas and participate in joint efforts with suppliers to protect the environment.
5. We shall raise our employees' awareness of environmental protection.

This policy shall be put into writing, disseminated to all employees, and announced to the general public.

August 1, 2005

Eiji Yamazaki
Furutaka Electronics Co., Ltd.
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